Common Law Marriage live on KRFC

from Rocky Mountain High: Live on KRFC by Amy Annelle



"Common Law Marriage" written & performed by Amy Annelle
© High Plains Sigh Music/BMI


his mama don't like me
no, his papa don't like me neither
and to tell you the truth
I don't much like them either
he's a good enough man
and he'd rather I stick around
than leave him
he tells me he love me
and most of the time
I believe him

I've given up hoping that
the man of my dreams I will find
yeah, the one that I got
ain't the marryin' kind

don't send for no preacher
don't make no ballyhoo
about the cottage in the valley
where I'll spend my life with you
'cause I ain't no fool

what's that you say, baby?
he said,
I don't say 'I do'
that don't mean that I don't love you
just that all I've been through
I don't have a clue

no diamond ring on my finger
no wedding bells are ringing for me
no, no, no
common law marriage

no diamond ring on my finger
no wedding bells are ringing for me
no, no, no...


from Rocky Mountain High: Live on KRFC, released July 12, 2010


all rights reserved



Amy Annelle Austin, Texas

A prolific writer and interpreter of songs, Amy Annelle maps out the farther reaches of American music, while conjuring visions of our restless musical past. Over the course of ten albums & thousands of miles logged on the road, Annelle has cultivated a rarified voice and repertoire that "blooms with open-hearted, lustful vulnerability and a harrowing naturalistic solitude”(Crawdaddy). ... more

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